Ashtanga Yoga 

Did you know that Sara studied Ashtanga yoga in India?

Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga that has been transmitted to the world by the Jois family in Mysore, India. This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a set series of postures that a practitioner memorizes and performs regularly. Ashtanga is an extremely well-rounded practice as it offers strength, flexibility, stamina and breath focus. The set sequence of postures has many benefits! Because the series is memorized it is easily done as a home practice or during times of travel, without the need for an electronic device or teacher to instruct. Progress in flexibility, strength, and focus can be seen more easily as each posture is performed every time a student practices. Teachers also have an opportunity to work with students more one-on-one because they do not need to lead a full class of students but rather walk around the room and assist each student where they are in the sequence.

Combining this style of yoga with Sara’s incredible knowledge of anatomy and functional movement makes this a perfect opportunity for you to learn and grow in your yoga practice. Go in deep with this one!


Looking for a more specific to you style? Schedule a private session with Sara, Susan or Roberta. Our specialty is MOVEMENT. We can teach you to live and move in YOUR body with intention and balance. We will create a series of movements designed just for you to practice in the studio and on your own, if that’s your jam.

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